Well, here we are. Hey! You're a user. My name is Wray. The W is silent. I am a musician, digital artist, interactive designer, and web developer of the past 23.252 years. This is a basic landing page that links to other places where I've better established myself.

Interactive Design & UX Essays

SwampFlux Eurorack Synthesizer Modules



  • RGBK.org Digital works by me and friends, active since 2004. 🚧 Down For Maintenance. Archive.org link provided. 🚧
  • hic et nunc ðŸŠĶ2020–2021

Web Development & Open Source

I'm an advocate for open source methods, even in closed sourced settings.


This Website

Writing and development is done in the open using Github, Netlify, Vuepress, & Markdown. You can contribute by proof-reading future content.

Contact Me

I am, as of October 2023, open to opportunities that are the right fit. My LinkedIn is more up to date and thorough than any resume I've ever maintained manually, but here's an HTML page of my CV anyway.